Picture: 2.5 Seater Powered + Drinks/Storage Console with Powered Headrest


Designed to fit rooms of any shape and sizes, with a combination of a recliner that provide comfort from every angle with adjustable headrest; smooth reclining action and easy to operate footrest make them the perfect suite to relax in complete comfort and support from head to toe. Create a recliner suite that seamlessly suits your space and style with our customisation service.


Tailor your unique recliner suites with options like:

-Power action headrest to provide maximum comfort

-Double motor powered reclining action and USB port outlet option

-Console unit with extra storage and cup holder

-Reading light & international power sockets options


Discover our complete range & customise your own recliner suites from wide variety of custom options. 


  • Series: (model no.): 3199
    Type: Recliner

    Material: Available in Leather & Fabric

    Colour: Availble in various colorurs



    Recliner: 87Wx101Dx100H

    1.5 Recliner: 101Wx101Dx100H

    Seat: 57Wx101Dx100H

    1.5 Seat: 72Wx101Dx100H

    Console: 31Wx100D

    Chaise: 72Wx156Dx100H (LHF & RHF)

    1.5 Chaise: 86Wx156Dx100H (LHF & RHF)

    Recliner: 72Wx101Dx100H (LHF & RHF, 1 Arm)

    1.5 Recliner: 86Wx101Dx100H (LHF & RHF, 1 Arm)


    *LHF (Left Hand Facing)*

    *RHF (Right Hand Facing)*

    All specification is measured in cm