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With a unique stability and timeless design, Rilaxa provide optimum comfort for many decades.  It comes with a comfortable footstool to provides superlative support for your legs. The sloped footstool places your body in perfect balance. The swivel motion increases extra functionality allowing you to really unwind after a long day. 



  • Adjustable headrest for maximum support
  • Easy reach control knob to guarantee your gliding action with ease
  • Beautiful swivel wooden base comes with style & provides different colour choices
  • Sloped ottoman cushions for improve ergonomics
  • Swivel actions lets you easily turn 360 degrees


We can customise your chair by changing the material, style and wood colours to choose from to fit your style requirements and maximise your seating area.


  • Series: (model no.): 642
    Type: Rilaxa

    Height(cm): 105
    Width (cm): 79
    Depth(cm): 73

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